Flatiron Books: The Guest Book by Sarah Blake

One Summer in Paris

British author Sarah Morgan brings a fresh, vibrant approach to this tale of a wife coping with the ultimate betrayal. Small-town Connecticut schoolteacher Grace Porter is stunned when her adored husband of 25 years asks her for a divorce and reveals he's having an affair with a younger woman. Craving respite from all the attendant drama, Grace decides to take their scheduled month-long anniversary trip to Paris by herself.

What could have been a lonely sojourn turns into a life-changing time-out as Grace bonds with a street-wise British girl named Audrey, reconnects with her first love and immerses herself in the charm and delight that is Paris. Grace begins to examine her heart and the possibility for change, and remembers the adventurous, creative person she was before the tragic death of her parents sparked a need to micro-manage her world. Has she traded freedom for safety all these years? She's firmly certain that her husband's mid-life crisis is solely his responsibility, but what does she want from her own life at this point?

When fate brings together Grace, her husband, their daughter and Audrey in Paris, the character of each individual, recently tested by personal crises, must guide their paths forward. This well-plotted novel, filled with warmly engaging and authentic characters, is a poignant, hopeful and heartwarming story that fans of quality women's fiction will not want to miss. --Lois Dyer, freelance book reviewer