Flatiron Books: The Guest Book by Sarah Blake

Rediscover: Salt on my Skin

Benoîte Groult (1920-2016) was a French feminist writer and activist who was born into an upper-class Parisian family of fashion and furniture designers, attended the Sorbonne and worked as a television journalist. She co-wrote three books with her younger sister Flora before publishing her own novel in 1972. Groult went on to write 20 books and many essays. Much of her work concerns the history of feminism, gender discrimination and misogyny.

Groult's best-known novel, Les vaisseaux du cœur (Salt on my Skin), was published in 1988. It follows two socially mismatched lovers, a Parisian intellectual and a Breton fisherman, united by lust in a globe-trotting series of sexual encounters. On February 5, 2019, World Editions published Salt on my Skin, translated by Mo Teitelbaum, with a new introduction by feminist writer Fay Weldon ($16.99, 9781642860092). --Tobias Mutter